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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Children - God's Greatest Gift

Our kids are growing so fast, one already out of the house, the other only a couple years away and he will be going off to college, and then, not too many more years and our youngest will be gone as well.

I often forget, our main role in life as parents are to raise them in the faith. We are to train them and teach them what it truly is to be Catholic and then they are to venture out into the world and do the same.

Our children really belong to God, we have a role and a purpose, but they are not a possession to be kept forever. They are individuals that are to be loved, taught, encouraged, and then eventually let free.

Each day when I awake, I thank God for the exceptional and beautiful wife that he gave to me, and the children he has blessed me with. Undeserving that I am, I realized that we don't earn God's gifts, he just gives, especially unmerited ones.

Life is So Good!

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