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Friday, April 02, 2010

The Cleaning Of The Church - Homeschool Kids

In preparation for the most sacred and holy event of the year (Easter) 
numerous kids volunteered to clean the church from top to bottom.

Out came the vacumes.

Not a corner was missed.

And yes, kids will be kids...... there was a lot of fun and laughter!

There were some creative cleaning methods utilized as well.

Who needs a ladder.....

This is called buddy-cleaning.

Looking good

Hey I want the duster thingy.....

Every Church pew was dusted, the altar and ambo polished - Thanks Mackenzie.

Everyonehad a great time.

Exhausted - but the church now sparkels and is ready for Easter. 
The humble act of getting on your hands a knees to clean our church was an act of service and charity in line with our Lenten beliefs. To serve others out of Love and Kindness is what it is all about.

I am very proud of you kids!

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