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Friday, October 29, 2010

Family and the Holidays

I am not a real Fan of Dolly, but the song speaks words of wisdom.
With so much pain and suffering in the world, the holiday time should be set aside for families to gather, rejoice in their bonds, love each other, and share in their common experiences. There are many families who have fought, who have not acted kindly to each other, and hold strong grudges. Yet, all can be forgiven. Isn't that the message of Christ.

Sometimes it takes just one person to set aside who was "Right" and just move on. It just takes one step to begin the process of healing. Often the most stubborn has the most hurt, carries the most sin, and often cannot feel Christ's love at all in their life. 

Maybe you can be Chrsit to that family member this Thanksgiving and Christmas Season.

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