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Saturday, December 04, 2010

She Died This Morning!

I just received the Call - "She died this morning."

My Godmother had recently become ill with pneumonia and was not going to bounce back this time. It was apparent 2 days ago that she didn't have the energy to fight and was letting go.

She lived a life of 92 years. She never married, was there caretaker of her own mother for so many years, yet loneliness is now something of the past.

She was a faithful woman, a catholic, and she has now seen Christ.

Ferne had only one request of me, being the closest thing to family that she possessed, was to take her back to Iowa when she died to be buried next to her family. I will fulfill her request!

Isn't it a peculiar feeling when one dies, they are here one moment and then they are gone. Life at times seems to move so slowly, but then it moves at light speed and in a blink of an eye - changed!

Today I begin to pray special prayers for you Ferne, that your time in purgatory be brief, and that you find yourself quickly in God's loving embrace.

I can't help but think that today is not a day of sorrow, but rather a day to rejoice, it is the day that Ferne completed her journey here on earth and now has begun her eternal life.

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Deactobe said...

So sorry for your loss. Many prayers coming your way.