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Deacon Pat's Books - Popular Catholic novelist and author!
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Monday, October 29, 2012

My Newest Novel (The Hidden Journey)

My newest novel is available (Click Here) as a digital download.

The paperback version is also available on

"The Hidden Journey," a fast moving spiritual adventure with likable and lovable characters.

Walt, a wealthy CEO who experiences a spiritual conversion and then his whole life is turned upside down.

Shane, a twenty-five year old Special Forces Military Man experiences tragedy and then step-by-step God intervenes and he is healed from the inside out.

Mario, a morbidly obese alcoholic and destitute man whose life has deteriorated beyond repair, attempts suicide, and then begins a hilarious journey toward recovery and develops a special relationship with the spiritual world.

Father Pete, alleged with moral inequities, a USC football player turned priest, rejected by his diocese perseveres and transforms a community.

The readers of this edifying novel will quickly find themselves immersed in the lives of the characters while feeling their pain, their success, and their failures. One cannot help but personally identify with certain situations and events in the story and will be deeply nourished by the numerous spiritual encounters and virtuous actions displayed by the characters.

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