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Deacon Pat's Books - Popular Catholic novelist and author!
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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Gone On Retreat ..........

Liz and I will be away from the next week on a pre-ordination retreat. The diocese is sending us away to Lake Tahoe for a spiritual retreat prior to ordination. We leave tomorrow and will spend all week at:

Zephyr Point Conference Center

The retreat center is described as follows:

Everyone needs a quiet setting -- a place to listen to God -- again, or for the first time. Zephyr Point is one of those special places. Nestled in the Sierra Nevada, on a half-mile of Lake Tahoe shoreline, Zephyr Point is one of the most beautiful retreat centers in all the world. Its Christian presence over the years witnesses that God, indeed, dwells among us.

Liz and I are looking forward to a week of guided contemplation, reflection, and rest. We plan to hike in the forest, alone the lake, and spend quality time together. We hope to disappear from the world for a week.

AND, when the retreat finished on Friday, we rush to Sacramento for the ordination rehearsal and then go to bed. When we wake is ordination day in the cathedral.

I wish to thank so many of you that have assisted us over the past 5 years. In many ways I cannot believe that I will now be an ordained minster in the Roman Catholic Church. I guess I am living proof that all things are possible in Christ.

I wish to say good-bye for now, and when I return I will be Deacon Pat.

God's peace to you.....

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Butch said...

Greetings my catholic friend ! im sure that you do not know or remember me so i just want to thank you for finding time,viewing and leaving comment on our Subdivisions Blog.(felo2homeowners.blogspot)(i do not know how to reach you thru E mail)also i would like to congratulate you on this day of your solemn ordination.God Bless and Peace to you and your family......(i have a priest brother in law in LA too.)