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Saturday, October 15, 2016

How you vote, or not vote, could send you to Hell!

What has our world come to? (A Spiritual Perspective)

What has our world come to? 

As I have witnessed over the past few months there has been on the surface a total decline in the leadership and political parties of our nation. 

I sense that what we are overtly seeing now has been the hidden cultural current for decades. It is just now right in our faces. With the exception of a small minority, and I mean small since almost everyone has been affected by the culture, we now have an entire country that has been desensitised by the prolific demoralizing of a nation. 

We now live in a place and time where self-interests outweigh everything. The truth is only a relative concept to most. Accountability and responsibility at best holds a modest place on the hierarchy of virtues and can be adjusted and rationalized when the situation warrants. The media has now become as corrupt as criminals and there is no place to turn for an unbiased opinion. Deceit flourishes everywhere and I can't help but believe that satan and his evil companions currently feel that they are winning the battle for souls.

I have been tremendously bothered by what I have been witnessing in the political scene. I can think of hundreds if not thousands of people I would prefer above Trump but plan to vote for him since he would inflict less damage that the other option. I truly believe if the anti-life party wins then we will see irreversible damage and changes to our country that will last indefinitely, or at least for hundreds of years and will bring this country to its moraless knees. 

At the cost of some dismissing the thought and chalking it up to hysteria I do sense evil in the workings of one of the candidates.

Yet, I do find an alternative thought and position to the current times that has brought me to another conclusion. Although I will vote for the lesser of two evils, and the one who I feel has a better chance of responding to God's grace and supporting a more Christian perspective, especially on the right to life issues, safer living conditions, national security, improved economy, etc., I am also prepared for the alternative which in grand scheme of things might also be beneficial but not in how you might think.

If the anti-life party wins I plan to put on a "Bring it on!" attitude because I know the attack on Christianity that will surely follow. The advancement of a moraless society will darken the culture so drastically and so abruptly that we will be launched into a fight or flight mode for survival. I am speaking of authentic Christians as being the targets. 

However, there will be no place to run since the overreaching arms of government has the ability to seek out, infiltrate, and affect everyone now. Most current Christian in name only people with a do the minimum attitude will cave and become ardent cultural supporters while having abandoned their once professed creeds. 

Yet some, a small army willing to place their complete trust in a Trinitarian God will fight with grace-inspired fury preaching the faith and opposing the evil that bombards them. The heroic endeavors of the Christian crusaders will not go unnoticed, reminiscent of the early disciples and apostles, and will inspire others to join in as members of the minority. Even with the overwhelming odds against them, Christianity will become an unstoppable force. True and authentic life-changing Christianity. 

Yes, there will be persecutions, imprisonments, and killings. Yet, the welcomed suffering done for the sake of a sincere belief in Christ, and the martyrdom to follow will be an unstoppable and irresistible catalyst for continued growth of modern day disciples willing to live for something greater than themselves. 

I can't help but believe that if God allows us as a diseased society to continually express our self-centered free will there will be at least on some level a repeat in history from a much earlier time when a great force attempted to snuff out Christianity yet only inspired unprecedented and unexpected growth. 

God only knows when the end will come of the earth as we know it, and when Jesus will personally return, so that isn't my concern. What I am concern with and ready for is to be awake and ready for everything and anything with my eye held steadfast on the ultimate reward, a union with God and the promise of eternal life.

As previously mentioned I pray that the anti-life party does not win due to their pledged platform that is almost entirely in opposition to who I am as a Catholic. Yet as a soldier of Christ I am also ready for the battle and I am willing to do what I must to fight evil and preach God's unwavering truth and promise of hope, forgiveness for those with contrite hearts, and everlasting love.

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Thursday, September 08, 2016

My New Parish (Our Lady of the Valley)

 Our Lady of the Valley
Caldwell, Idaho

The church holds over 1100 people with 4-5 weekend Masses depending on the season.
 (2 English and 2-3 Spanish Masses)

Father Flores, Pastor

Father Uhlenkott, Parochial Vicar

Deacon Kerry

Deacon Humberto

New Hat from Kenzie (Loyola Chicago)

 Sporting the new hat from Mackenzie's School.

Thanks for hat, wore the other one out in Guatemala!

Ordered New Business / Ministry Cards, My new assignment at Our Lady of the Valley