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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Secret Lunch Date......

When the New Year came to be, I pondered what I could do as a resolution that would help me grow in my relationship with God and to help me feel peaceful each day.
I found myself so busy in life, my 2 jobs, family, Deacon duties, and just plain old household chores that I struggled to find time to be with God, at least with God in the quiet.
Then it hit me......
I could spend my lunch each day with my friend "Jesus."
Our church has 24 hour adoration and it is just minutes from my work.
I now pack a lunch and eat on my drive to the church (yes, I can eat a full lunch while driving and in 3 minutes) don't laugh.
And then I spend my lunch visiting with my friend.
This simple change in my daily life has made such a change that I cannot express in words the peace that I now feel even amongst the the business and most hectic days....remember I work in a "Locked Psychiatric Facility."
My new lunch partner is always happy to see me, never complains, doesn't dump on me, always builds me up, always honest, and we have the best of time together......
Yes, I might be a little weird, but it is a good weird.....
Thinking "Jesus Freak" aren't you.
Well, I do love my new habit and my "Secret Lunch Date."


~pen~ said...

something tremendous happens when you sit in Adoration. it is subtle, it is quiet, but it happens and you become transformed.

i wish i was close enough to the parish that has 24-hour Adoration because i would FLEEEE to it at lunchtime!!

(sweet post and nice comment left at my blog - thank you - i'll be back :)

Lady in Blue said...

Deacon Pat, What a great lunch date. He's not flaky either! It was great to see you at the walk for life. Give Lizzy a big hug for me. God bless. carolyn