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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Just Finished The "Palm Sunday" Homily

Would you like a preview?

The Gospel today begins with Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem, He was hailed as a King and was shown favor by the people.

However, in less than 1 week, many of the same people who just hailed and held him up as their Savior, would turn on Him and condemn him to death.

Are the people of 2000 years ago much different than many of us today?

How quickly we build people up, speak praises of them, in many ways become followers, or at least become their “so-called friends,” and then just as quickly, turn on them and tear them down.

Probably the most destructive action of our time, and the most prominent among our culture today is “Gossip:” The murdering of one’s reputation and character.

Many people partake daily in gossip and don’t even realize the significance and sinfulness of their actions.

They talk about others, distort facts, share private, personal, and often embarrassing information with others, all without a second thought and without any shame or guilt.

In a matter of minutes they have destroyed a person’s reputation, often without checking out any of the facts, often spreading lies and mistruths.

Even speaking the truth about another person is often gossip and destructive; when doing so serves no particular purpose other than creating scandal.

Once the negative words have been spoken, the damage is done, it is irrevocable, and it can never be taken back.

It is like the flowing waters of a flood, destroying everything it touches along the way, and even when the waters retract, the damage is left behind.
(OK, That is enough....... You will have to wait until Palm Sunday for the rest.......)


AGNELO said...

hi! deacon pat
greetings from Fr. Raymond from mumbai, india. thanks for your sharing that is really help for me to provoke my thoughts. may Gos bless you abundantly as journey towards the Altar of the Lord.


Deacon Pat said...

Hi Father:

I would love to e-mail you and hear abour your life in India. My e-mail is if you have an interest.

God Keep you!

Deacon Pat