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Deacon Pat's Books - Popular Catholic novelist and author!
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Camino De Santiago

Along with a group very special friends, my brother Tim, and two Priests, we will be walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain beginning in August. Please friend me "Deacon Pat Kearns" on Facebook to follow the journey. I realize with limited internet, Facebook will be the easiest way to share the journey. I will share more on the blog when I return. I am also looking forward to using the experience in the current novel I am work on "Climbing Out of the Darkness."

Monday, April 27, 2009

Facebook is Evil!

You might ask why I say that Facebook is Evil? You can usually tell if something is good or not by the fruit that it produces.
For most, Facebook has turned in to an obsession and distracts the person from positive and holy things. They have become obsessed with checking it up to 50 or 100 times a day.
It has lead to a sense of triviality and self-centeredness. This might seem like a small complaint, but that is how the devil works, he institutes little seeming Innocent things, then allows them to fester and grow until it leads in greater sin.
If you don't believe me take this little test.
Stop using Facebook completely for 2 weeks and see how you change.......
You will be shocked.
Than goes for twitter, etc.

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