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Monday, May 25, 2009

There is only "Right" and "Wrong"

We have a whole generation of people who have been conditioned to believe that the world would be best served if most people lived in the "Grey."

What do I mean by the 'Grey."

The "Grey" is what exists somewhere between the black and the white in life.

I am not quiet sure where this mentality began, was it in the 60's generation of rebellion, peace, love and all that, or is it a development from the failed psychology of the 80's is which the concept "if it feels good it must be good" was so prominent.

Faith an morals in our society have been progressively fading away. The teaching of such have been severed and ripped out of the schools, even many catholic schools, and are void of such, and with 1/2 of all families being a divorced family what does that teach.

There is hope however..... our youth have seen through this mess and know that there is something pure and comforting in the truth of Right and Wrong without the Grey.

There has been a resurgence of youth seeking orthodox Catholicism. Yet they are viewed as radicals by many who desire to live in the Grey, and despite many who would love to dismiss these youth as rebellious, they are the hope for our future of the faith.

These youth have seen first hand what a "Tolerant" and "Enlightened" society has become. A society that doesn't stand for Virtues and Character but rather for rationalizing everything in order to justify sinfulness and evil.

They will not stand for it.... They know truth when they hear it and they know deceit and lies as well.

So where do they turn in order to nourish this desire for God's truth, anywhere they can find it.

I am sorry to say that there are very few priests older than 45 who have not been conditioned to live, preach, and guide in the way of "Grey."

However, the newer priests, the priests that belong to the newer generation have had the same realization that "Grey" is not good and that truth is actually evident as "Black and White," or "Right and Wrong."

These newer priests desire orthodoxy and actually live it, breathe it, and yes even preach it.

They are not alone, there are many Bishops and some priests who have been enlightened by God's grace to see the world clearly and to promote the faith courageously.

These honest and faithful men are belittled by the "Grey people" and great efforts are directed toward them to silence them, but the truth cannot be silenced.

Here is an example of a bishop speaking the truth.

Bishop Finn on Nov. 3, speaking about the election

We are living in a world that has gone astray, is saturated with evil, lust, envy, pride, and greed.

At times it might even feel that evil has overtaken our world to such a degree that victory for truth and justice is unobtainable.

However, that is just not true.

It is fact that the degree of evil in our world actually sets the stage for a rebirth of virtue and character. It is the prolific and expansive evil and filth that is the horrendous backdrop that illuminates the beauty of virtue and honesty.

It is the very essence of all that is bad in the world that will be the actual catalyst for the development of good.

The youth understand this and can see this. They see the world through contemporary eyes, not with eyes that also contain history of what was, but through eyes that see as it is.....

And it is ugly.

Yet they desire beauty and will be relentless in their quest....

We are in the early stages of a battle.... a battle of Good against Evil, it will get ugly and the devil will attempt to turn the hearts of good men, he is the king of deception, but be not afraid, we will prevail.

So strap on your armor, do not be content with complacency, do not be the victim of political correctness or tolerance, be a warrior of truth and for our faith, the true faith, do not support the distraction of "grey" it is a tool of the devil, live in the world of Black and White, Good and Evil, see things for what they are and always proclaim the Gospel in our words, our actions, and in everything we do.

We are sons and daughters of God and we will live like it, a chosen people, a people called to be the light in the world that has turned dark.

We will prevail!

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