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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Being Perfect

We live in this world, that we are all too often, told that we are to be perfect.
Maybe not always directly, but if you are realistic, look at the influences that surround each one of us. The advertising industry bombards us with "Perfection."

They tell us that for it to be acceptable, it must be perfect.

Television and other influences tell us that even our moments in life must be perfect.

Women are shown and told through a variety of medias that if they don't look like this,
they are in some way inadequate or inferior.

Men are told that if they don't look and act like this, they are not "Real Men."

And if your body doesn't look like this, you are not desirable.

What a Lie we have been fed!
No one is perfect.
The pictures in magazines have all been air brushed, Actors and Actresses have make up and digital makeovers, and external appearances usually don't represent the internal in so many.

I can remember talking to my wife a few years ago when she feel into the trap of comparing herself to other women (i.e. the "Super mom's," the "Soccer Mom's," the "Career Wives," etc.)

And I reminded her that what she was comparing herself to was not a real comparisons. Because she was comparing herself to only the part of these women that they allowed her to see, not the whole person. And to make it worse,
She was comparing "All of Her" to only a part of them, the so called best part.

I have seen and counseled 100's of Men and Women who on the outside would appear to be on top of the world, attractive, affluent, educated, possessed perfect families, but yet, when their guard was lowered, they had an inner ugliness that was veiled from everyone else.

They had:

Eating disorder, Anger problems, alcohol and drug problems, gambling problems, Infidelity issues, had numerous abortions, incurable sexually transmitted diseases, were child abusers, just to mention a few.

Yet, to everyone else, they were perfect! What a facade.

We all make mistakes, we all have imperfections. The longer we try to hide them, the devil has power over us. Whatever we try to keep in the dark, hinders us, shames us, and keeps us away from God. Once we bring our failings out into the light, God's purifying Light, the devil immediately looses all power over us.

There is no such thing as perfect, only our heavenly Father is perfect. It is in our brokenness that we are made strong as Saint Paul would say.

So many have failed, yet in their failing, they have succeeded. It is in our failing that we learn.

We should always try to improve ourselves, but internal improvement is the source that will make one beautiful. We have been made in the image and likeness of God - Ponder that statement for a minute, what do you think that means in respect to God? To Us?

I think Perfection, at least perfection in God's eyes looks a lot more like this.

What do you think?

1 comment:

Victor S E Moubarak said...

"What do you think?"

I think this is a wonderful post and all youngsters should be made to read it and understand it.

Thank you Deacon Pat.

God bless.