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Monday, May 17, 2010

Youth Mass - Nourishing or A Distraction?

I was recently asked my opinion about "Youth Mass."

Many in the church, Clergy and laity have come to the conclusion that to reach the youth spiritually, the Mass must reflect the youth with contemporary music, youth-like mannerisms, youth-like vocabulary, and have a element of sensationalism or even theatrics.

So what do I think about this "Progressive Idea?"

I have learned over the past few years that my opinion really doesn't matter much. But the opinion and example of our Pope means everything, or at least it should.

Lets take a look at the World Youth Day Mass in Sydney Australia in 2008 as a clear reflection of what the Pope, The Vicar of Christ, establishes as an example of a "Youth Mass."

Lets see what the Pope does after Holy Communion. What example is he giving to us, to our youth?

So am I against Christian Rock Music, Drums, Electric Guitars, Contemporary Praise Songs, Energetic and Sensational Theatrics, Motivating the Youth through creative works and experimentation?

Not at all! 

That would be great for Praise and Worship Services, After Mass Rock Sessions, Youth Gatherings, but not at the Mass. The Mass is Holy, Reverent, and demands our respect. Attempting to be creative in the liturgy only shows disrespect, irreverence, and mocks our faith.

I have always thought that Any and Every Mass should be conducted as if the Pope or our Bishop was attending. If we are doing something at Mass that we wouldn't do if either our Bishop or the Pope was attending, then that is a clear sign that it should not be done. 

The Mass is something so sacred, so holy, we should never rationalize a personal change to the rubrics. Who are we to think we can improve the Mass....... PRIDE, even if our actions originated with good intentions, is still the oldest and gravest of SINS, and is the weapon most used by the devil.

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