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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Islam - Can You Handle The Truth?

Words from an Islamist, what do you think?

The West's major problem with Islam today is that Islam is dangerously exploiting the West's 'split personality'. As a community of secular states, with a strong Christian culture underpinning that community, the West is repulsed by the idea of fighting for its Christian identity and heritage. That very thought flys in the face of decades of Political Correctness, which have conditioned the West to suppress its religious sentiments, and deny its religious roots, as a leading world culture.

Islam, on the other hand, is overtly and zealously religious, and is attacking the West, especially the United States, as a religious nation, in the very name of its god. Its assault is straight-forward, strident, and boastful of its many acts of extreme terror directed against innocent lives.

In the face of this religiously inspired onslaught, the West struggles to defend itself with its 'secular personality', invoking its spirit of constitutionalism, with its code of social equality under the law. Yet this strategy, this approach, proves weaker by the day. It can't stand up to the virulence of suicidal and utterly bloodthirsty, Islamic terrorism, founded on the most extreme forms of religious fundamentalism imaginable.

As the secular approach continues to fail, Western Christians can't help but feel increasingly endangered, for it's obvious that Islam loathes and seeks to destroy anything and everything that's not Islamic.

Western Christians, supposedly defended by their secular states, are, in fact, becoming desperate to protect themselves against Islam's campaign of annihilation. It's foreseeable that someday Western Christianity will be forced to fend for itself, and abandon its dependency on and relationship with the inept, Western, secular state.

Is there some truth to the above aforementioned words from an Islamist? We are a culture that has fallen asleep and has drifted away from our Christian roots.
When will we stop this political correctness and begin to stand up and fight! When will we begin to call a spade a spade? When will we begin to publicly and forcefully identify and attack evil?
If we continue to sit back and allow evil to flourish without striking back, the day will come when our enemy will confront us personally, persecute us and our children...... that day is almost here!
You can only keep your eyes closed to the truth for so long!

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