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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Beauty and Destruction

A few days ago we had the most spectacular lightening storm I have ever witnesses in my life. 100's of lightening bolts came out of the sky and bolted to the earth. It was soooo beautiful and terrifying at the same time.

What I didn't realize is that the beautiful lightening bolts were creating fires. Not one or two, but 100's of fires. At last count, 300 fires in our county.

There are so many fires that many are just burning unattended. They are either so remote that it is impossible to get to them, or that we have so many that there just isn't enough man power to fight them.
We have fire fighters from everywhere helping to fight the fires and try to save houses, churches, and schools.

Some of the country side is so difficult to manage.

The smoke is so thick that we are now being told to not go outside of our homes if we can avoid it.

Even the orthodox monks at the local monastery were evacuated.

Where do monks go?

Do you think they are calling God and asking for advice?

What about the cattle and live stock?

Please say a little prayer for those affected by the fire. Currently we are safe, but many of our friends, our priests, our churches are troubled......

1 comment:

Atlanta said...

Thanks for showing those photographs, they are amazing, and I know some of those monks by name. They seem to be in good spirits despite this catastrophe. May the Lord God protect them and their monastery and all the surrounding areas and you and your family and friends.