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Deacon Pat's Books - Popular Catholic novelist and author!
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Monday, November 26, 2007

A Beautiful Family

We were invited the other night over to the Drewson's home for a night of Food (Yes, great food), Drinks, Laughter, Fun, Cards, etc....
Ed (The Dad) said that he had an idea Saturday afternoon to invite some friends over, and at the last minute he made a few calls, and almost immediately the house was overflowing with friends.
We had such a great time just being together.
There is something so very special about the dynamics of a large family:
They help each other,
They fight with each other,
They love each other,
They all pitch in to help,
even when they don't realize that they are working together,
they are working toward the same goal.
The focus with a large family is usually just surviving,
(I know, I grew up with 5 brothers),
and individual wants usually become
secondary to the needs of the family.
Has our society lost something with the ever shrinking "Large Families."
I think so.
I have the highest regard and admiration for all of you who have opened yourself to God and said "Yes" to
His desire of entrusting His children to you,
raising His children,
educating His children,
and forming His Children.
Even though society usually has difficulty seeing the Goodness, Holiness, and Graces of large families, I know God can see and thanks you.

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