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Camino De Santiago

Along with a group very special friends, my brother Tim, and two Priests, we will be walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain beginning in August. Please friend me "Deacon Pat Kearns" on Facebook to follow the journey. I realize with limited internet, Facebook will be the easiest way to share the journey. I will share more on the blog when I return. I am also looking forward to using the experience in the current novel I am work on "Climbing Out of the Darkness."

Monday, December 24, 2007

Swimming Upstream

As I was driving down the road today I had this image in my mind of being a little fish in this big world and swimming upstream.
So many people just coast through life, letting the stream (society and current culture) carry them along, steering their course, directing their travels, dictating their final destination.
As Christians, are we not called to swim against the current, at least when the current is counter Christian?
However, by doing so, sometimes we can feel that life is difficult, a constant struggle, and even feel as an outsider. We can also feel left out at times, not part of the crowd.
Life as a Christian is not focused on this world, we must remind ourselves. We are to keep our focus on God's Kingdom.
We live in this world, but we are a part of another (God's Kingdom). We are to be the light to the world, not allowing the world to steer us, but we are to be the guiding beacon to the world, leading the way, helping to give clear vision.
This task is not grounded in our abilities and ideas, but rather in what God revealed to us through Jesus.
So what does this mean: Am I a FISH? just kidding.
Life for me is somewhat like playing a sport, and if you know me, you know I love playing sports.....
If I only focus on the struggle, the effort, the pain, the hurt, that is all I will experience.
But, if I direct my focus on the challenge, the ability to succeed, performing beyond what I thought my limits were, and rejoicing in the each goal along the way; it then really isn't a struggle as much as a process toward perfection.
Isn't that what Life can be all about.
Challenging each obstacle along the way, growing in virtue, picking ourselves up, with God's help, after each fall, learning from our mistakes, short-comings, and attempting to perfect our brokenness.
I will continue to swim, upstream ...... All the way to heaven (God willing)


Mcphil said...

Thank You for visiting my blog, and for your nice comments. May you & your family have a Merry X-Mas.

Lizzy K said...

I believe it was Fr. Corapi who said, "Even dead fish float downstream."

Thank you for being such an awesome & strong spiritual leader for our family! (fighting the current & saving our family thanks to your dedication to continual spiritual growth)

I love you & your blog, too!