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Friday, March 21, 2008

Stations of the Cross (Good Friday)

Today was a great and beautiful day. We gathered as a group to meet and pray and then take turns carrying a ~100 lb cross 7 miles to our parish for the Good Friday services.

Walking through the country sharing in Christ's passion.
Everyone took a turn carrying the cross.

Elisabeth leading a station while everyone listened and prayed. We stopped 14 times over the 7 miles to pray a station a reflect on Christ's passion.

I was so impressed, many times as people began to drive by our group, they immediately stopped their vehicle and payed reverence to the cross. You never know how certain things in life will connect with someone.

Is it getting Heavy?

Sean leading us in a station while everyone listens, GO SEAN!!!!

As we approached the town from the countryside, so many people honked and showed support....

Here is Michum, a catechumen who be initiated into the catholic church tomorrow night after a year of preparation.
Sean and Jake leading the way, get it, "The way." OK, I know, it is a Catholic joke......

Caleb, Jake and Sean (My Son)

This is Mackenzie (My Daughter) helping to Carry the cross. Ahead of her is Brooke, also a catechumen who will join the catholic church tomorrow night. GO BROOKE!!!!

My Refection
I must say, it was a lot of fun and fellowship until I took a turn carrying the cross. Something very significant happened to me while I was carrying the cross, I somehow felt very connected to Christ and his suffering.
When I felt the pain on my shoulder, I somehow felt as if to a small degree, I could feel the pain that Christ felt, I also felt the weight of the sins that Christ must of felt. When I touched the nails on the cross, I couldn't help but feel that the nails were symbolic for our sins that penetrated Jesus.

At one point, as I carried the cross, an overwhelming feeling encompassed me and I felt short of breath. Somehow, in a mystical way, I was connected to my Lord and Savior in a special and unique way, making this day very special.

Some of the group after the walk.

To see more pictures and video from the day click on this link

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