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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mandatum: Which Colleges Have It?

Which Catholic colleges and universities are in compliance with Canon Law with respect to the mandatum?

The National Catholic Register´s mandatum series has sparked widespread interest among parents and their college-age children about which Catholic colleges and universities have the mandatum.
Canon 812 reads: “It is necessary that those who teach theological disciplines in any institute of higher studies have a mandatum from the competent ecclesiastical authority.”
These are U.S. Catholic Universities whose theology faculties have met Canon Law requirements for the mandatum.
Aquinas College - Nashville, Tennessee
Benedictine College - Atchison, Kansas
Corpus Christi College - Corpus Christi, Texas
Creighton University - Omaha, Nebraska
DeSales University - Center Valley, Pennsylvania
Franciscan University of Steubenville - Steubenville, Ohio
Magdalen College, Warner, New Hampshire
St. Gregory’s University - Shawnee, Oklahoma
University of Dallas - Dallas, Texas
Oath of Fidelity Schools
These are schools whose theology faculties have taken fidelity oaths
in lieu of the mandatum.
Most are in dioceses where the local bishop has not offered the mandatum.
Christendom College - Front Royal, Virginia
Thomas Aquinas College - Santa Clara, California
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We are hopefully heading out to Franciscan University Steubenville (for our 2nd visit & this is the college Mac wants to go to, smart girl!)...
and Sean's is still up in the air.
I keep reminding him, HE ONLY HAS 11 (ELEVEN) TO CHOOSE FROM...
Why would any GOOD Catholic send there child off to a school that they know will teach them things contrary to their upbringing. I have met so many people who were raised catholic, had strong catholic beliefs, and went off to college as a catholic, and returned with diminished faith, stopped practicing their catholic faith, all due to the anti-catholic rhetoric in colleges.
I regret to say, that many "so-called" catholic colleges are not catholic at all.
A good example is Notre Dame.
The list that I posted above, the universities listed - all agree to teach catholic teachings and not the junk that has poisoned so many in our culture......

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