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Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Man's Wife, A Man's Marriage!

I often hear men complaining about their wives.
They complain about this or that, and usually it focuses around their wives not doing something for them, or not feeling that they are respected, or cared for adequately.
My initial thought is usually, do they ever think about their wives, their wives' wants and desires, their wives' dreams and ambitions?
Many men just don't get it.
Most women, I think almost all women are self-giving and caring innately. They love and nurture others instinctively. It is only when they don't feel appreciated and loved does resentment then appear and grow.
If a man can only keep in the forefront of his mind the qualities of his wife that he fell in love with; continue to nurture the relationship, serve his wife by always honoring her (i.e never speaking an unkind word about her to anyone, always building her up, being her biggest fan) and she will love him back immensely and be honored to serve him, love him, and respect him.
That is who women are, they are the founts of love, the source of joy in life, the nurturers, the caretakers.
They partake so closely in the creative process, the life giving process, that there is such a special holiness about them that it is almost impossible to describe.
Men, you can't have the best wife in the world because she belongs to me, but if you want the next best thing, all you have to do is love her with all your heart, with all you mind, and all your soul, just as we love our Savior, and you will be loved beyond your imagination, as long as you never forget that true love is only found in serving.
I know this statement is in opposition to what you are saturated with in the media, but the truth is the truth.
The love you experience in serving is self-replicating and it will fill you beyond your understanding......and leave you not only fulfilled but satisfied, satisfied at such a depth that no void can ever be felt.
The holiness of a marriage continues to grow throughout life, as we honor each other, serve each other, we grow even closer and closer together, we become united in soul and spirit, and when we honor and serve our partner, we are in essence serving our self, not in a selfish manner, but in a holy, and sacred manner.
Holiness is marriage, marriage is holiness. I can see God's hand in my marriage, I bet you can too if you look for it.

1 comment:

cascade_catholic said...

Uh Deacon, your comment about having the best wife is well not quite correct. I happen to have the best wife in the world..


Peace Brother.