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Friday, February 20, 2009

The Palm Branch and Lent

The Palm is in many ways a symbol of our life.

It begins very small and grows.

It is nourished and becomes healthy and strong. As time progresses,
it begins to deteriorate, it withers, is weakened, and eventually dies.

The Palm is a reminder that our time here on earth is a passing process.

We are strong at times; we are fragile at times, however, always dependent on God for our life.

A life that has a purpose and then once completed, ends.

God has a unique purpose and a specific plan for each one of us, that is why we were created, that is why we live right here in Redding, that is why we belong to this community, that is why we are right here tonight, all a part of God’s plan and purpose for us.

Lent is about to begin next week. This is a good time to grow in relationship with God.

The scriptures talk about Alms Giving, Prayer, and Fasting.

Many people over the years have focused on giving things up for Lent, and that might be OK, but the real purpose of Lent is to remove barriers in our lives that will enable us to grow closer to God, to see God in our lives, and to experience a closer relationship with God.

Lent is a time for deep spiritual reflection about who we are, who God and Jesus are to us, who God would like us to be, and who we are choosing to become.

Lent begins after Ash Wednesday.

Ash Wednesday and the application of the ashes is an act of humility, a reminder to us of our mortality and our complete dependence on God.

We should begin now to reflect on what we will do this lent to grow in relationship with God.

Alms giving / Service


Fasting and Self Denial

All are methods that have been practiced for centuries.

Lets ask God to help us discern what commitment we will make this Lenten season, a commitment that is a personal commitment, an act that will remove the barriers between us and God, and will help us grow in communion with Him.

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