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Monday, March 16, 2009

Let's Have A Party - How Many People Will Show Up With 24 Hours Notice?

With 24 Hours of Notice, 100's of people showed up for a "Pot Luck" Party.

The night was dedicated to honoring Father Jovito and
everything that he accomplished in just 2 years.
Father ended up being my good friend, but I wasn't unique, he made 100's of friends.

He made everyone feel special, the Hispanic community, the Anglo community,
the Filipino community, the youth and the elderly.

They had such great food and entertainment as well. Here are the traditional Filipino dancers.

The singing was great, English and Spanish.

We laughed!

And there were tears......
My wife Liz with our special friend.

Even the kids had a special love for Father....

I loved watching the kids run up and hug their priest.

Since Father's main problem was with his visa, the reason why he had to leave us so suddenly to return to the Philippines, we gave him a lifetime visa to come and go as he wished.

It even allowed entrance into heaven.....

Good night Father, we will meet again.......
Click Here to see the local newspaper article of Father Jovito

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