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Deacon Pat's Books - Popular Catholic novelist and author!
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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Stations of the Cross With The "Young Adults"

Friday night, just minutes before the start of the "Stations of the Cross,"
a Young Adult came rushing into church,
out of breath from riding his bike as fast as he could.
He stated "I am here to help, we got your invitation, and I am here."
A few seconds later, another Young Adult showed up, then another.
I quickly got them "Alb'd," gave quick instructions, and then into the church.
Yes we were about five minutes late, and we all know how much Catholics like to be late, but when they saw the powerful presence of the youth, all was forgiven.
There is something so very powerful about having the youth (Young Adults)
leading the community on prayer.
We journeyed, Station to Station, while Mark "Young Adult"
lead us with his proclaming of Christ's journey.

I was honored to introduce each station,
then listen to Mark's proclamation, and then add a closing meditative prayer.

Each station was made Holy with the illumination of the candles ,
as well as the illumination of the youth themselves, being on fire with their faith.....
"Stations of the Cross" isn't just for the "Old," it has and continues to make an impression on the youth, especially when they can actively and fully participate in the
Passion of Christ and His journey.

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