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Thursday, March 19, 2009

U.S. Births set record; 40% are out of wedlock

An estimated 1.7 million babies were born to unmarried women, comprising just under
40 percent of all births in the U.S.
Teens accounted for 23 percent of all births.
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What do you mean that 40 % of all births in the US
are from Unmarried women!

What has our culture / society come to. Is there no shame in becoming pregnant when you are not married?

I can remember a time when a pregnant teen made a mistake, became pregnant, and in the dark of night was sent out of town, maybe to an aunt's home for a few months to have the baby. The baby would then be given up for adoption, to a good home with two stable parents, and then the teen would resume her life, changed forever, but her baby was not killed, nor was it to be raised by anything but a good two parent home.

Yes, there was shame in becoming pregnant when you were not married. It was clear that you sinned, your sin was obvious, it showed. It was not celebrated......

When you take a sinful act, and remove any shame, actually celebrate it as many do in our culture when an unmarried woman becomes pregnant, what deterrent is there to not replicate the sin. In fact, many teens become jealous when they see the attention that their teen friend is receiving.....

Please don't take this post as stating that the teen who made the mistake is a bad person, I am not stating such. What I am stating is that the sin is bad, and even worse, openly accepting the sin is terrible. The person should always be respected and loved.......

We are living in a culture that doesn't believe in shame anymore. The only shame that is mentioned, is that you should feel shame if you actually believe in shame.

The idea that a teen has placed a black mark on a family, the family's name, or reputation, not even considering their own reputation, has become extinct.

In many ways, our values, the Christian values that this country has been founded on have become extinct.

Today, 40% of all births are from women that are unmarried, what is next 50%, 60 %......

There is an attack against the family.

Political correctness has contributed to our current errant ways. At times, we just need to call a spade a spade. We need to stand up and call things they way they are.

Yes, we will be attacked. But we need to pick up this cross and carry it, carry it willingly, and fight the good fight.

Our Christan society is dying....... Without your help, it will continue to fade away, all under the guise of "Tolerance."


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