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Friday, April 03, 2009

The Greatest Challenges Of Our World Today!

The global and instant circulation of information makes us more conscious today of the suffering in the world and the many problems facing humanity.
Here are some of the current issues of today that cannot be ignored.
The poverty of so many people, brothers and sisters of ours, who live in misery and know nothing other than suffering and exploitation;

The even greater poverty of not knowing Christ that, according to Mother Teresa of Calcutta, is "the first poverty of people," and of which no corner of the earth is exempt;


Injustice and "structures of sin" that might seem inevitable and impossible to eradicate from the complex world in which we live;

Aggression against life from conception to its natural end;

The crisis of the family, irreplaceable basic cell of a healthy and prosperous society;

Cultural and moral relativism, which makes one lose the sense of the search for truth and its existence;

The unbalanced and myopic relationship with nature, at times wildly exploited, "idolized" and, paradoxically, the object of greater attention than that given to the human being;

Brothers and sisters suffering from sicknesses;

A scientific and technological development that goes ahead, at all costs and in any direction possible, without giving thought to the problem that, instead, the ethics of human behavior must impose limits;

Brothers and sisters who continue to die as martyrs in many places of the world for witnessing to Christ;

The aggressiveness, hostility and censure reserved at times for the Pope and the Church in the proclamation of the Gospel message of truth and love;

The economic crisis which has hit entire States and seems to eradicate the horizon of hope of so many people

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