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Thursday, April 02, 2009

True Beauty - Can You See It Around You!

I often ponder what "True Beauty" really is.
We all can recognize a physically beautiful person. Their mere presence catches your eye and is attractive.

However, I have never met a person that when I have gotten to know them better, their true personality and "Being" wasn't different than what I perceived them to be.
I don't mean that this is always negative, many times positive, but still different.
Most people don't show their compete and full personality and "Being" to others. There is always more to the person than what can be seen on the outside.
I am not sure if this has happened to you, but I cannot count the times in my life that I have a met a person that would not have initially caught my eye as being abundantly attractive, but as I had developed a friendship with them, male and female, learned more about them, and as they became more comfortable with me, shared more of themselves with me, I realized and began to see a beauty about them that was initially hidden.
Why was it hidden?
It had always been there, but I just didn't see it.
It was hidden due to my lack of understanding of what true beauty is and was.
We often look for beauty with blinders on. We cannot see what is so clearly evident right before our eyes because we don't know what we are looking at.

Society, the media, and our culture has been telling us for years what true beauty really is.
However, their wisdom has been a lie and misleading. In fact the concept of true beauty has been a progressive attack distracting us from the truth.
Beauty begins deep in the soul of a person, it radiates through them and it cannot be limited by mere physical features. If fact, true beauty overpowers the physical status and is something within itself.
To be truly beautiful is to express love in such a way that it penetrates everything around them, is freely given gratuitously, never malaise, never manipulative.
True beauty never fades like physical beauty, it just continues to exist and has a powerful effect on everything that it touches.
True beauty exists in all of us, it is just often covered with sinfulness.
Once the sin is removed, it can clearly be revealed........And seen by the world.

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