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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Attacks are Coming!

It didn't take long for a person to attempt to rip apart my future plans to move my family to a catholic community.
Click here to read their attack.
The devil will use everything he has to attempt to stunt our family's spiritual growth.
However, We have the weapon to ward off any and all spiritual attacks the evil one can throw at us, The Sacraments!
If we aren't being attacked I get a little nervous. Being attacked means that we must being doing something that the devil dislikes.
The devil is very tricky. He studies you and looks for your weakness and will spare no time trying to distract you, wound you, and direct you away from holiness.
A good catholic uses these opportunities to frequent the Sacraments, increase prayer, and increase acts of charity.
A good attack can always fuel exceptional growth and closeness with God.
God: Thank you for the opportunity to defend my faith, my spiritual choices, and endure the challenge all for you, your love, and to fulfill your desire that I parent my children well and teach by example.


Dante said...

Don't worry about what others say about you, your life, your ministry or family decisions. BOTH ways are valid (to move or to stay) depending upon what God asks of each family.

I am a deacon candidate also in California, married with kids. i am even moreso exposed to Ca culture than Shasta: I live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

My wife and I have prayed often about such things are are convinced beyond any doubt that OUR misison is to stay and be the leaven in the dough. If the answer had been to move then I wouldn't hesitate a bit to do so.

I agree 100% that the Christian is to be a leaven in society and if all flee, who will be the leaven? But again...not all are to be leaven at the same time or in the same way. I think of St. Paul's advice to the Corinthians, who live din a culture that was very "Californian". Did St Paul tell them to leave? No. But he did tell them over and over to love, to unify, to pray, to witness.

Some of us can do this where we are and others need moreso the immediate support of an explicit Catholic environment. So dear Deacon do what God wants YOU and your FAMILY to do and God bless you. Then you will be equiped with every good gift to be leaven, salt, and light in the midst of any culture. PAX.

Deacon Pat said...

Thank you