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Monday, September 28, 2009

Men's Group (Redding CA)

We had our first men's group tonight and all I can say is AMAZING!
We gathered together, ten men varied in ages and generations with one thing in common: to find a way to feel Jesus more closely in our lives, to journey further down the path of becoming a truely Catholic Man, and combating the evils and temptations of the world.
One of the Men said that this gathering was just "Amazing, and men just don't do this", and he didn't know why. Why do we not bond together, support each other, and share our triumphs and disasters......
I could not believe just how well our first night and meeting went. These men shared parts of them that I am sure have remained quarantined for a long time, not in a girly way, but in an honest and manly way......
This multi-generational group of men is going to be powerful, I can just feel it, I could feel the spirit in the room and the potential......
Although they thanked me for forming this group, they need to know that I was inspired beyond imagination by their willingness to share and open themselves up to not only the spirit but to each other..... And this was just the initial meeting.
There will be bonds and friendships made over time between these men and will last a lifetime.....
Thank you Lord! ......All for, and through the sacred heart of Jesus!

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