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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Searching for the "TRUTH"

All too often I am having a conversation with someone and when we begin to discuss an issue, something interesting happens.
Instead of contemplating the issue, the other party immediately defends their beliefs.
This happened the other day when I was discussing an element of faith with a Protestant.
Then it hit me! He really wasn't at all interested in the TRUTH, but only wanted to live in his comfortable place of his current understanding and beliefs.
Are we not all on a mission for seeking Truth in our lives.
Isn't God truth in all fulfillment?
Can we understand God enough?
Shouldn't we always be in search of additional truths, in search of greater understanding of God?
I began to ponder why a person would not want to seek out further truth in their life.
I began to realize that for so many, their faith is their foundation, and any challenge to their foundation, if weak, can make them feel unstable and vulnerable.
They immediately want to support their foundation in fear that it might collapse. I don't mean to say that this is done consciously, but surely subconsciously.
I have a little different approach on such an idea.
I enjoy being challenged on issues of my faith, as long as it is done respectfully, not as an attack.
By not means am I an astute apologist for the faith, but each challenge makes me dig a little deeper into the truths of my faith and my belief system.
Often the challenge is the motivator for additional research and study. And guess what, I always come out with a greater understanding of God, my faith, and my religion.
I have never been disappointed. But I must say, sometimes my belief is drastically altered.... and adjusted.
But what about those poor souls who duck all challenges to their faith. I am sorry to say that they will find it very difficult to grow in their faith, their understanding of God, and of themselves.
When an aspect of your foundation is challenged, and a enhanced, or even somewhat different understanding is acquired, it changes at least in some aspect your whole being.
For a Christian, their beliefs are at the core of how they see life. Any change to the core, and everything is seen differently.
I think this process is exciting, at times somewhat frightening, but no doubt a part of God's divine plan for us.
I am sure that I am not at this moment exactly where God wants me to be for the rest of my life, especially in regard to spirituality. I am such a neophyte, a beginner.
I have such a love for this person, Christ, but in the big picture, I know him so very little. I can feel him ever so close in my life, but there is so much more to learn, to experience, to understand.
I accept all challenges as blessings, because the truth lies within My God, not my current understanding.
I am a disciple of Christ, who is the truth, the way, and the life........

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