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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Angry or Laugh - How should I respond?

It was a beautiful day outside so I thought I would take the opportunity to enjoy God's creation.
I borrowed my Son's motorcycle and decided to head up the mountain toward Mount Lassen.
I grabbed the camera so I could take a few pictures and planned on blogging the trip.

As I was riding through the beautiful trees, across green valleys, over flowing streams, I stopped often to take pictures.

I was a little worried that the camera might fall out of my jacket pocket so I kept a close eye on it, checking it often.

And then all of the sudden, the camera was gone.

I had only checked on it, felt it in my pocket 1 minute earlier. It must of just fallen out of my pocket.

I told myself, not to worry, it is a tough sports camera, waterproof, and shock proof, I was sure that it could withstand the impact.

So, I turned around and back tracked the 1 mile that it must of fallen out.

There it was on the side of the road, a little banged up, but look functional. However, the side compartment was open. I looked in it and the battery and SD memory card was gone. It couldn't of just fallen out, I search the entire area, then it hit me....... It was stolen!

Within the few minutes that it took me to notice that the camera was missing and to turn around, someone must have seen it on the road, stopped, and stole the battery and memory card.

I just stood there on the side of the road with that empty feeling that you get in your stomach when something bad happens.

I couldn't believe it!

I began to think thoughts like "I can't believe this world that I am living in, the total disregard for honesty, virtue....... the evil."

Then by God's grace I remember something...... On that memory card, I forgot to erase one of my recent homilies that was video taped from Mass.

I then laughed!

The thief who took my memory card, will probably put the card into his computer, and curiosity will lead him to look at the pictures, and then will lead him to click on the video, and what will he see and hear....... My homily!

Just imagine what his thoughts will be, as he or she recognises me from the pictures on the card, now dressed in my alb and stole, and preaching about the evils of the world and God's desire for repentance!

If they are not Catholic, don't know what a deacon is, upon seeing me in clerical clothes, will surly think thay had stolen from a priest!

Do you think there just might be a little guilt and shame?

God works in mysterious ways.
I trust and believe that everything that happens in life can be used to bring people back to Him.
I choose to laugh and to let the anger leave just as quick as it arrived......
I trust in you God!

1 comment:

Victor S E Moubarak said...

"I trust in you God!"

Yes ... do so with all your heart and mind and He will turn this sad situation to the good.

Sorry to hear about your loss of memory card; especially if there were treasured photos there.

But think what small sacrifice your loss is if someone, somewhere, finds Christ through your sermon.

Your sermon may well be the first time they heard about God. I mean really heard about Him rather than casually as so many people know Him these days.

God bless you and yours.