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Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Surprise Package Delivery

We received a package in the mail today.

We opened the package and what did we find, a handmade beautiful Crucifix with a note.

The note was from Perry Gee.

He stated that their mission church, Saint Michael's in Shasta Lake City just celebrated their 50th anniversary in September and in the preparation for the celebration a complete remodel of the church was completed.

During the remodel they needed to dispose of the old altar and the original Communion / Altar Rail.

Upon the dismantling of the altar rail, he noticed that under the yellow dated paint, there was beautiful mahogany wood.

He envisioned making crosses and crucifixes from the old railing.

And then the project began to take form.

Hours and hours went into this project.

He decided that every family in the church should have a crucifix as a memento of the 50th anniversary.
He had a difficult time finding the Jesus Corpus to place on the cross. Then, he found an olive wood supplier in Jerusalem, who was able to obtain pewter figurines from Italy.

He has made over 400 crucifixes from the holy altar rail, every parishioner family has received one.
What a service of love this has been and now through a surprise gift, a kind and generous heart, we have a piece of the story, a piece of the history, and are truly humbled to be even thought of by a good man from a neighboring mission church up the mountain.
- - - - -

If you are wondering how I was able to post the pictures from the surprise gift, I put on my Sherlock Holmes detective hat and downloaded them from his (Perry's) facebook......cleaver huh!
Thank You Perry
and May God Bless you!
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