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Deacon Pat's Books - Popular Catholic novelist and author!
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Friday, November 27, 2009

I just can't put this book down ("Visions" by Victor Moubarak)

Three children see an Apparition of Jesus and the news soon spreads throughout town. People react to it differently - some negatively. The children's parents are subjected to malicious gossip and vicious attacks. Their Parish priest has a crisis of faith. The Church wants the story to just go away; whilst the children insist it is true. Especially when Jesus appears again . and again.
Imagine this happened to you. How would you have reacted in the circumstances?
This traditional story in a modern setting challenges its readers to undergo a reality check and re-affirm their Christian beliefs.
A must read for every Christian, Vic Moubarak, the author of "Visions" lives in England. His simple style of writing, dotted with humour as appropriate, is both refreshing and enjoyable whilst dispensing good common sense advice. His Christian message is relevant to today's troubled world.
*** Finished the book yesterday. What an exceptional book. It is hard to find books that incorporate our catholic faith without bashing it. A Great Novel that includes our Catholic Faith!