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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Liturgical Music - Where has it gone?

For many years I have felt that the music at Mass has lost something. It isn't that the musicians are not talented - they are. It isn't that they don't rehearse - they do. And they are good and devout people, so that isn't the problem.
But for years, I have heard from parishioners that they wished the music at Mass was better, complaining about our music.
But when I asked specifically what was so bad about the music, I would hear a variety of complaints.

Then it hit me..... I think many of us have varied ideas and understandings of what we think Liturgical music should be.

I think this video can explain, much better than I can,

what Liturgical Music is and should be.

I hope that we can instill these ideas and bring a sense of the extreme Holiness of the Mass back into our churches through Sacred and Truly Liturgical Music.

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