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Friday, January 08, 2010

What has Diversity really come to mean?

Cartoon taken from A Catholic View Blog


Deacon Pat said...

I posted this Cartoon as a little joke.

Funny, the remarks I received from some of you, most enjoyed the humor, others took offense to one aspect or another.

I guess some have a few deep seated issues that were inflamed by my joke.

We should be able to laugh at ourselves from time to time. I sure find plenty of material.

I really think the whole politically Correct movement has damaged our culture. It really is OK to make a statement or a joke that might just offend someone who is offended by anything and everything.

Get over it! I Do.

Your oversensitivity should not be catered to but rather gently and lovingly repositioned.

Deacon Pat said...

If it really hurts, there just might be some truth to it!