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Friday, April 16, 2010

Uncomfortable Feeling

I attended a seminar earlier this week in Sacramento on the topic of anxiety along with an eclectic group of therapists, probably at least 100 of them in all. During the seminar I had this persistent "uncomfortable" feeling that I have been attempting to process and figure out for the past 4 days.

I found myself surrounded by intelligent people, all of whom possessed graduate degrees, and were mental health professionals, yet there was something about them that was uniquely different and made me feel somewhat isolated and uncomfortable..

Even though there were many similarities in our lives, at least in regard to our profession, we seemed to be coming from very different perspectives.

There was a lot of talk about Science, Feelings, Behavioral Studies, and the human condition - yet God was never mentioned. Their perspective in life had very little to do with God. Even the practitioners who stated that they have "Faith-Based" practices, rarely included God in their discussions, or in their examples, and when they did, it seemed very superficial and without much depth or meaning.

Then it hit me, without really knowing it, I have surrounded myself with people and a life that includes God in just about everything that I do. I didn't realize it quite to this extent before, but I don't really separate Him from the daily practices of my life like so many other people do. I guess that I am blessed with the shape and form that my life has evolved into. I attend Mass in the morning with a group of Believers. I go to work and have an abundance of spiritual people around me, Staff and Patients. I have lunch with my family each day, a family that has embraced our faith. I am able to serve people each day, staff and patients, without fear that I am able to speak my faith freely an not chastised or rejected, maybe that is because I am the boss? Many evenings each week include some sort of ministry at the Church, again with those seeking a connection with God. And each night my day concludes in the presence of my family and wife who embrace the faith.

I have created a life, I must admit without much foresight, but a life that is immersed with God and surrounded with those who seek him and love him. It is a life that nourishes me each day. 

I didn't realize just how peaceful my life actually is until I was absent from it, even for only 2 days, but absent from the routine that had been established in my life.

I am more blessed than I even realized, and I would bet you are as well! Sometimes feeling uncomfortable can lead to a deepening understanding and a deep appreciation for the reality that exists in our lives.

Thank you God for the lesson and the grace to understand.

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