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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

When Clergy Preach Heresy..... If they don't believe what they represent, they should go!

I was taught that once I was ordained, I was making not only a personal commitment, but also a public commitment to the church, and that as of that day, my personal opinion didn't matter and really shouldn't even be heard. It was the opinion of the church that I was to represent and to portray, and if I wasn't willing to do so, I should not be ordained. That was my instruction prior to ordination.

Yes, at times my personal opinion might slip through, but I honestly try to project only church teachings when it comes to faith and morals, especially when it comes to the teachings of the faith and the church. 

Any clergy who willingly teaches false doctrine and blatantly proclaims ideas contrary to the Church and the faith is only working against the church and the people of faith. Much of the crisis that we are dealing with originates from within and it won't be until we clean house will the true faith be echoed each day and without confusion. 

It is wonderful that we have a diverse church, but diversity doesn't mean opposition to the core tenets of the faith. That would more closely resemble a Protestant. The 70's and 80's brought about much confusion in the church and in society in general. And the 90's and 00's appears to have fostered an independence that represented "Army's of One" (i.e. people feeling entitled to proclaim their own guidelines for the Church and what other Catholic's should believe, even if the church teaches the opposite.

Christ didn't leave the church to be guided and ruled by the many, He entrusted the Church to Peter, the Pope, and his successors. It wont be until we return to Rome, submissive to the authority of Rome, that our church will be united and "One" again.

However, do not be dismayed, this new generation (The Youth), although unique in some approaches, and surely technological, have a deep desire and longing for tradition, orthodoxy, commitment, loyalty, and rituals. Truly the youth will nourish and repair the damage done to His church, Our Church, the Bride of Christ, lets just not get in their way.......

God Keep You..... Deacon Pat

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