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Friday, May 21, 2010

I only Fear "Bad Catholics."

Saint Bernadette once said "All I fear in life is Bad Catholics." 

I wonder what she meant by such strong words. Is it that non-Catholics paid her little to no attention, but bad Catholics, strived to discredit her, discredit her faith, attempted to not only wound, but kill her character, her reputation, and to destroy her presence here on earth.

I often reflect on the people in my life that attempt to bring turmoil into my life. For the most part, I live a very fruitful and peaceful life, but every so often, conflict arises and there is turmoil. The turmoil that I experience never comes from pagans or even protestants, but rather from the brethren within my own designated faith.

Why does this turmoil surface? 

Upon reflection, the source never comes from devout and pious Catholics, but rather those who would be considered "Progressive" or would Saint Bernadette call them "Bad Catholics?"

I was recently informed by my spiritual director that the devil loves to cause division and conflict. He loves to turn people against each other and then just waits and watches as they work at destroying each other.

Why do some within the church feel that they must try to destroy others within the church? Is it their own personal sin of jealously, pride, resentment, or is it something much more evil?

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