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Saturday, June 05, 2010

I Finally Did It! (Climbed Shasta Bally)

Although last week was suppose to be my final preparation climb before the big one, (Half Dome - Yosemite June 12th) we didn't make it to the top due to snow, and I was still feeling a little nervous about the daunting 18 miles and 5000 foot elevation gain at Half Dome that still loomed over me.

 So I grabbed my gear, and my snowshoes and thought I would attempt the climb (Shasta Bally) once more. Shasta Bally is the most difficult climb in the area. It is only 5 1/2 miles (one way), but has a relentless ascension of 4500 feet in that short distance. And to make it more difficult, at least 2 1/2 miles of the climb is in the snow.

 So off I went.

Once again the beauty of the trail was breathtaking.

The wildflowers just amaze me.

Quickly I was high above the city.

And only after 3 miles the snow was becoming deep.

However, this time is was prepared.....

I was able to travel to ease.

I reached the area that we reluctantly had to turn back at last week, but now was able to confidently climb.

It wasn't long and I was high in the sky.

And reached the Summit.

I made it, success!

The views were spectacular, but then dark clouds quickly swarmed in, so I began my decent. Climbing is easier than descending, and after many falls, in the snowshoes I chose to sit down and slide on my butt for a 1000 yards using my ski poles as a rudder and brakes...... Good thing I was wearing swimming shorts.

After 6 1/2 hours I made it back to my starting point. What a great day!
Check out my awesome day! Wish you could of joined me!

1 comment:

Victor S E Moubarak said...


Well done. What a wonderful video.

Thank you for sharing your adventure with us Deacon Pat.

I shall have a Guinness to celebrate your success tonight.

God bless you.