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Deacon Pat's Books - Popular Catholic novelist and author!
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Friday, August 06, 2010

A Beautiful Morning

I awoke to a beautiful sunrise.

So I thought, Hmmm, Why not get a hike in before the family wakes-up!

I had never hiked the Yana Trail on BLM Land south of Redding.

I was surprised that the trail was marked so well.

 The hike was much different than the mountain hikes I had become accustomed to, but beautiful in its own uniqueness.

As I hiked I could hear animals in the grass, didn't see them, but they were there....

Even though the temperature was going to warm up to 100+ degrees, the morning still felt comfortable.

There were some terrific views of the small adjacent mountains and the Sacramento River.

I felt like I was hiking in the desert.

But then a creek would appear.

You probably wonder why I do so much hiking? Well, for me, It gives me time to clear my mind and hear God's voice in the quiet. Hiking is in many ways, my special prayer time. I can experience and feel his presence so clearly when I am active, out in the nature, and ask that He listen to me and then I listen to Him.

There was an obstacle or two along the way, but it wasn't too much for a man with trek'n poles, waterproof boots, and a good jump.

Then, after 8 miles, I finished the hike and returned home to find my family just waking up.

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