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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Mom Went To Heaven

Brothers Tim, Dan and I spending time with mom.
Brother Terry reminding mom how much he loved her and that he would see her again in heaven.
My wife Liz, daughter Mackenzie and Terry's kids Mathew and Sarah talking to mom. She couldn't open her eyes, but would still squeeze our hands in reply.
Getting close to her travel to heaven, she would smile to biggest smiles to heaven. I am sure heaven and earth were present to her at this point.
Liz, my beautiful wife. She loved mom sooooooo much. Liz sitting at the bedside, as she did for mom's last week here on earth.
Father Vincent (Mom's special friend) and son Kevin at her bedside.
My wife Liz and Mom (Mom couldn't speak any longer but communicated with her eyes) Liz and Mom had such a spiritual relationship.
Sue, a very special friend of mom's, a few weeks before going to heaven. Mom woke-up that morning and wanted to have a fun day. She asked to have a wild hair day and put on her son's (Dan's) Football Jersey. It was a Dallas Cowboy Day.
Mom's Room at Dan and Lori's house.
Mom's room again, it was such a holy place......

My mom went to heaven early this morning at 1:00 a.m. What an experience it has been being with my mom for the last week of her life. We slowly watched her go from talking with us to slowly slipping away. I must say that from time to time she would reconnect with us in a variety of ways to just let us know that she loved us and knew that we were with her. Over this last week all 5 of my brothers spent time with her at her bedside, telling her how much they all loved her, what a great mother she was and what a role model she had been to not only our family but to the world that knew her. We also reminded mom that she would see our sister in heaven as well as her father that died while she was in her mothers womb.

The passing process was such a holy time for us all, to watch the separation process, the time where she is actually aware of both worlds, as they say "one foot in each world, heaven and earth."

Mom. I love you so much and look forward to being with you in heaven.

Your Son,



Anonymous said...


Thank you for sharing your mom's last days with us. Although I didn't know her I can tell from your words what a wonderful person she was. Knowing you and your brother's these last few years I felt as if I knew your mother as well. Please extend our sympathy and thoughts with your family. You will all remain in our prayers. God Bless.


Joan, Paul & Laura Seibert

Anonymous said...

Hi Pat, Your Heart is just BEAUTIFUL! I checked out your site. And when I saw the part where your wife was "compassionately/lovingly" looking at your mom....I just broke out in tears. Your mom IS beautiful. I can tell, in her eyes /smile! Well, I just wanted to give you my comment. You and your family are truly blessed. I can't tell if the BLOG e-mail went through. It never confirmed. So I tried this route. Pat I truly admire your passions for FAMILY, fun & for OUR LORD JESUS! They are so important to me as well. Keep up your great missions- HEAVEN awaits you w/ a great crown! You are special.

- Adriana