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Monday, June 23, 2008

Brotherly Love

One of my favorite things to do is to kayak. I truly enjoy the quiet around me and the beauty of God's creation.
I was just about to head out to the lake when my wife asked who was going with me. I responded "No One," since everyone else either had plans or wanted to sleep in. Then she mentioned "What about your brother Dan." I forgot about my brother. I called him and in a few minutes, Dan and his daughter were over and off we went.

I had so much fun with them. There is something so special about sending time with a brother or a sister. There is a common bond.

We explored cove after cove.

The night before there was a huge lightening storm with 100's of fires. Here is one burning away. There were so many fires that there just isn't enough firefighters to fight them. So many are just left unattended to burn.

Ok, Now I am a little sun burnt, a little tired, a little hungry. So lets head back home.
What a great day....... The best days are sometimes the days with little planning, not a great deal of effort, they just work out and are enjoyable.

Isn't life great.

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