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Friday, September 05, 2008

Money and Wealth: A Good Thing, or An Obstacle?

I once new a man, that by the time he was 33 years old, he owned 4 medical clinics and 2 home health agencies.

He owned a large house in San Diego with a beautiful view of the city.

He owned a nice boat and had almost any toy you could imagine.

He was married to a beautiful woman and had 3 great kids. He was striving toward what he thought was the American dream.

He had been convinced that success in life meant having money, power, and possessions.

And then one day, it hit him, he achieved his dream, but realized that the dream had no substance.

It was missing the biggest part of life, God.

He had everything that he thought would make him fill fulfilled and happy, yet there was an emptiness that would not go away.

He realized that for him, money and possessions were an obstacle, the more he had, the more he wanted, and the more he worried.

Probably through an inspiration by God, He abruptly dissolved his businesses and began to focus his life toward God.

He didn’t become a religious zealot, or a man living in the desert, but he did simplify his life, studied his faith, and began focusing his time and energy on his family and on others.

I had a chance to visit with him many years later. He lives a very modest life now, doesn’t possess many physical rewards, but he stated that he had never been happier. He can see and feel God’s presence each and everyday.

He enjoys the quality time with his wife and children, and feels that he is truly living.

He stated that it is possible to have wealth and live a good Christian life, but for him, it wasn’t possible, the greater the wealth, the great the obstacles, the greater the temptations.

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