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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

How can we please God on a sliding surface?

The world that we live in is not a fixed point in the universe, only God is Fixed. Our world, and especially the culture that we live in is constantly moving. What is acceptable in our culture is always changing. Think about how we talk to each other, how we care for each other, how and to what extent we care for parents who are aging.

Think about how people dress today, what they choose to cover and what they choose to expose. Think about the attention given to neighbors, do we even know our neighbors? Think about what we will do for money. Think about the fact that 40% of all births are to unwed mothers.
Think about what is taught in public schools today. Think about almost anything in our lives, and then hold that contemporary concept against a similar stance from 100 years ago, difficult isn't it!

That proves my point, the world we live in is a sliding surface, never constant. God is the only constant in this world. He never changes! If we keep our eye on the things of this world, we are always adjusting to try to keep focused. But if keep our eye on God and the things of God, there is no adjustment needed. He is fixed, His values, his truth is fixed.

Life is truly simple, it only becomes complex when we are looking for stability in something that is constantly in motion and transforming (i.e the world). Living a life focused on God is pure and simple. Things in life, choices in life, decisions in life are either right or wrong. To over-intellectualize something is only an attempt to try to grasp at something that is unfixed, and to try to make some sense of it. Intellectualizing, especially over-intellectualizing is never needed to to know and understand god. it is only used when attempting to justify something that all to often is anti-God at its core.

God is fixed and true. Living in the light and love of God is simple and pure. It is forever unchanging, immovable, solid, and "Fixed."

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