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Friday, June 05, 2009

Life under a magnifying glass

Have you ever felt that you were being watched, not in a paranoid or fearful sense, but rather in regard to often and repeatedly being criticized by another for what seemed to be insignificant things?
The reality of life is that people most often pay very little attention to others, much less attention than one might assume.
So why does it happen at times that a particular individual gives excessive attention to another?
Well, if it is positive attention, one could assume that they feel some kind of attraction to that person, not necessarily an infatuation or a sexual desire, but some sort of attraction.
If it is negative attention, one might assume that the attention is derived from one of the following: Jealously or Envy.
Why else would a person give undue attention to another? There must be some sort of emotion that is the driving force behind their actions.
Why is it that some people just have difficulty with other people who seem to be living a good, fruitful, and joyful life.
Is it that deep down they are malcontent with their own lives and the mere sight of a joyful and content person angers them beyond belief, and that they find that they possess an uncontrollable urge to identify some aspect of the other being to be faulty?
Do they subconsciously overlook the numerous good qualities and draw their focus on a perceived negative characteristic?
Are they so consumed with envy, conscience or not, that they cannot be comfortable until they have attempted to destroy the other person with criticism?
The problem, however, is that through this vicious cycle, it really doesn't make them feel better at all, it just promotes a world view of negativity. This self-perpetuating destructive and dark view of looking at life overtakes them, becomes habitual, and before you know it, they have lost the ability to see the beauty in life altogether.
How does one correct such a warped and irrational way of perceiving the world?
First of all, identifying that this is truly what they have become. How can you fix a problem if you refuse to see them problem?
Then, obtaining a good spiritual director, one that you can meet with weekly. Not for "Psychiatric or psychological sessions" that would be a waste of time, and medication is rarely indicated (i.e antidepressants, etc.), but good, holy, and strong spiritual sessions.
Ask God for help, but also ask God for the ability to truly see yourself and to have the strength to alter your thinking.
Each day should begin and end with prayer, as well as periodically and systematically contain structured times of prayer through out the day. This frequent pattern of prayer will help keep you grounded to the positive force of God.
Daily efforts should be made for humble service to others. Frequently Serving others with the honest mindset "that they are more precious to the Lord than I" can do a lot for repairing the soul.
All "critical and criticizing" attention of others shall demand a direct and immediate redirection onto yourself, allowing a self-evaluation of why such thoughts have entered your mind, knowing that I am much more sinful that any perceived negativity of others.
Weekly confession is a must. This sincere and deep evaluation of one's own faults and the knowledge and belief in the power of the sacrament will dramatically and substantially repair the soul and the mind.
Life can be beautiful and positive for all of us, no matter the circumstance or situation.
The psychology of the "Feel Good" 80's, and the self-centered 90's has handicapped society beyond belief.
However, there is always hope. There is GOD!
Allow God into your life, run into his open arms, purge your sinfulness and be filled with his love.
Do it now, don't waste one further minute in darkness, run to your faith, run to your church, run to the sacraments, which is Jesus!

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