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Monday, September 07, 2009

School Indoctrination - Kicked up a notch!

Schools, Indoctrination Centers?

Schools are openly indoctrination institutions, designed to inculcate in their students a specific set of values and beliefs.

As Roberts (1981:28) notes:

The school is an agency formally charged by society with the task of socializing the young in particular skills and values. We usually think of the school as being mainly concerned with teaching skills and knowledge. . . But the schools in every society also engage in outright indoctrination in values.

We may find this fact more readily apparent in societies other than our own until we consider the content of. . [our own schools]. The school socializes not only through its formal academic curriculum but also through the "hidden curriculum" implicit in the content of school activities, ranging from regimented classroom schedules to organized sports.

From a Christian view, some of the values and beliefs indoctrinated are positive (a love of learning) but others are negative (the discarding of all absolute values). A major problem is that the anti-Christian side of religious questions are often forcefully and persuasively presented with impunity, but the Christian position is typically censored out of the curriculum Bergman, 1980).

The reason for this one-sided indoctrination is that the anti-Christian position is "secular," and thus can be taught. The Christian side, though, is viewed as "religious," and separation of church and state requirements, it is often successfully but incorrectly argued, prohibits this side from being presented (Whitehead, 1983, 1985).

While teaching content guidelines are often not rigidly enforced, and somewhat up to the discretion of the teacher, a strong pervasive pattern exists for the anti-Christian side to be presented far more often, especially in the larger city and suburban school districts.

Tomorrow, President Obama plans to speak to all the children in the United States at their schools via a TV feed.

You might think what is the big deal, especially after reading his speech (Full text of speech).

But don't forget, there is also Classroom activities developed by the White House for the children.

Again you might say what is the big deal. These people are not stupid, there is an agenda, if not, the same speech could of been given at night to be watched at home on the television with the parents present.

(Lets not forget, the President's approval rating has dropped from 72%, to ONLY 53% currently.) That means, that 1/2 of all parents DON'T approve of the president, at least his current agenda.

I would wager that the approval rating of public school teachers is much greater than 53%, and these teachers will be the force behind, and implementer of the White House developed Classroom Activities questions.

Do you see what is happening, and it is just the beginning.

Have I mentioned that we "Home School" our children?

Have I mentioned that I whole Heatedly agreed with Pope John Paul II and our catholic faith that Parents are the primary educators of their children...... Not society, not public school teachers, not the President!

If evil clearly presented itself, many would reject it immediately, but disguised as something good, or at least benign, it can take root for future growth and development.

Parents...... Christian parents..... Be Alert..... Discern.....

Please Note: I am not an "Obama-Hater," I don't even know the man, just his self proclaimed values and agenda; Nor do I disrespect the Presidency.

If the president was making a personal visit to a classroom, that would be different; to meet in person a United States President, that would be an honor for any student.

But what we are talking about here is much much different.

If you can't see my point - well, in time you will!

1 comment:

Vern Six said...

And one thing that so many seem to miss, is that it gives Obama a chance to be presented to the children as someone they can trust, when we all know he is not trustworthy at all.

This is the real issue for me. They will grow up believing they can trust men like him if we don't stop these "trust building" type of activities and now!