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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

You Look Radiant ---- Oh, I mean Radiated!

You know that beautiful look when a lady is "with child,"
she looks "Radiant!"
"She glows!"
Well, Kevin, I don't know about being Radiant...But I think you are glowing!

Here is Kevin getting ready his 3oth Radiation treatment.
Only 4 more to go after today!

Don't give me any back talk!
(Just kidding)

Radiation Oncology staff have a weird sense of humor, I think it is all the Radiation exposure.

Here they are applying "the Mask."

Who is the man under the mask?

All kidding aside. Kevin continues to show such inner strength and conviction thought this battle and journey fighting this unseen and silent force.
He is a warrior and I am sure has grown tremendously through this aspect of his life. It will take time to process this event, as with all huge and monumental personal events, they take time to process and to be fully understood.
I can see how God has been working though Kevin during this fight against cancer, but I, as well as numerous others who have been following Kevin's battle, have grown and been enlightened but this journey as well. Thank you Kevin for sharing this personal aspect of you life with all of us. You have been an evangelist...... to have allowed God to use you and speak through you.
A few things that you have taught me that currently come to mind:
1. Live life, especially each day to the fullest....you never know when your life might change drastically.
2. Friendships are the greatest wealth a man (or woman) can have.
3. There are very few things that cannot repaired.
4. See God's hand in everything.
5. Love with all your heart and show that love. One cannot be loved enough.
6. Be grateful for everything.
The above six thoughts may seem generic, they are not unique, they have been stated by hundreds of others before, but when held up against a life struggle, and contrasted through suffering, they become not just words, but life itself.
They, the above stated truths, hold significance that cannot be understood unless the thought bearer has endured something they hold as being greater than themselves and have gained the understanding that we do not control our destiny (controlling our own destiny - that thought is a secular lie), the real truth is that all we are and all we have has been a gift to us by our creator!
For many, their lives have been taken for granted, not respected, not received with gratitude, and for the few who have been blessed by a significant trial, they have been given an opportunity, a second chance to see what life really is, and an opportunity to make changes, either physical, or spiritual, or emotional, and to use their lives for the exact purpose that they were given to them!

1 comment:

cascade_catholic said...

I can add nothing to your words Deacon. God bless your brother. That has to be brutal, but he's almost there..