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Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Ultimate Regret - I was too late!

Last week I was teaching a nursing class to a group of students in a secular setting. After class I had a brief conversation with one of the students and I was caught off guard and by surprise by her comments.

This young lady told me in a matter-of-fact manner that she was going to have an abortion and that she would not be able to attend my next class that I was teaching.

I was shocked at just how plainly she spoke those words and that she was going to kill her baby. I was left speechless and then she walked away.

I thought about the brief conversation for days afterwards.

I thought of this or that and a variety of things that I could of said, but then convinced myself that she wouldn't of listened.

Then yesterday I heard that this same girl went to the abortion clinic and had questions about the abortion. She even told the abortion staff that she was thinking about keeping the baby and giving it up for adoption. I was told that she didn't go through with it, that her boyfriend wanted her to have the abortion, but she was having second thoughts.

I informed the person whom I was speaking with that I really wanted to talk to this girl.

I thought that God had intervened and that he was giving me a second chance to do what I should of done in the first place. I should of reached out to her and reassured her that the baby inside of her was a human being, and even if she felt that she had made a mistake, to not kill the baby. That she had a lot of options and a lot of people who would help her, love her, and care for her, that she wouldn't have to be alone. That God loved her very much and loved that baby inside of her just as much.

I asked the person to whom I was speaking with (who knew this young girl very well) to call her and tell her that I really wanted to speak to her.

The person to whom I was talking to was very excited because she also relayed to me that the young confused girl stated that she really wanted to talk to someone to help her make up her mind about what was the best thing to do.

A few hour later I received the call.

I was informed that I was too late.

The young girl went back to the abortion clinic to ask them for advice. She informed the counselor that she was worried about the guilt that she would have if she had an abortion.

The staff at the abortion clinic told her "If you keep the baby and give it up for adoption, you will feel guilty for the rest of your life, always wondering about the child, but if you get rid of it now, it will be all over and you can forget about it."

She must of been convinced, she killed the baby!

I missed my chance. I was given a chance and didn't act.

I can not change what has happened to her, it is done. But I can change how I will act in the future. I will never again miss an opportunity to speak the words of truth regarding the dignity of life, the dignity of women, and the unborn again.

I will never forget the life of that innocent child that maybe, just maybe, I could have saved if only I had acted. I will use that thought to be my motivation of just how easy I can become complacent and miss opportunities to be the light of Christ in the darkened world.

My ultimate regret was that I was too late.... and we lost the life of something beautiful to the evils of darkness.

It would be easy for me to place the blame on the worker in the abortion clinic. But lets not try to fool ourselves, they are who they are, and we have let them spread their rhetoric for years. I can only blame myself, for not consistently and courageously fighting the fight for life every moment of everyday no matter what the consequences might be.

Thank you God for this painful lesson, It hurts deep, but I know it can be turned into good!


Anonymous said...

Read my Facebook post Pat...

Julie Conley

Victor S E Moubarak said...

You are in pain, and this is understandable.

I pray for you in the full knowledge that God loves you and cares for you; and He does not want you to carry this pain any longer.

Deacon Pat said...

Julie - Invite me as a friend on facebook so i can read your post.

Thank you Vic for your thoughts and prayers.....

Deacon Pat

BroJer said...

Hey deacon Pat,

right about here is where i fell asleep and lost it all. will come back and fill in the blank later.

In Christ,

Bro Jer