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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Never Give Up!

As Christians we can often feel overwhelmed by the task that we have at had. We live in a world that for the most part is Anti-Christian. Our government supports the killing of children, it tells us that it is often OK to lie, to steal, and to cheat, just don't get caught!

Yet..... We continue to try to live according to the precepts of Jesus' teachings. Yes, for some, they think we are crazy, they cannot understand our methods, our ways, our life.

As Jesus mentioned to Doubting Thomas, We are the generation who have not seen, but believe, and for that we are truly blessed. It is by the grace of God that we believe and continue to have faith.

We will never give up. I can only hope and pray that when my journey on this earth comes to an end, and I will come face to face with my Lord, he will say, "Welcome home Pat, you fought the good fight, you never gave up, you loved, you forgave, you trusted, welcome home my good and faithful servant."

I can only hope and pray! And yes, fight, each and everyday, fight for what is right, for what is true, for what is of God, and repel evil and everything associated with it!

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