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Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Latin Mass - Many are desiring access.

There has been some confusion regarding the use of the Latin Mass. However, The old Tridentine rite was never actually abolished, but local bishops had to grant approval for a priest to say the Mass.
Pope Benedict's ruling authorizes parish priests to celebrate the Tridentine rite if a "stable group of faithful" requests it, without needing their bishop's permission. It also permits the old rite for weddings, funerals and other liturgical proceedings.

Why is the Latin Mass So important?

The Mass for many has become something other than Sacred. Just look around during Mass, you will see adults and children watching as if they were at the movies, or at a baseball game (with less enthusiasm however).
Something has been lost in regard to the Holiness and Sacredness of the Mass.
There is a growing desire, especially in the youth and those born after the 60's (Pro-love) generation to return to a faith and a Mass grounded in Tradition.
The Eucharist is Jesus Christ. Yet many accept it as if it were a cookie and pop in on their mouths. If asked, I wonder if they even believe it is the true body and blood of Christ.
Our actions reflect our beliefs.
I don't believe that we must return to a Pre-Vatican II Mass, but I do believe that in many ways we must return to a Pre-Vatican II faith. This modern and progressive approach to our faith and the Catholic Church has only lead us to scandals, division, ignorance of the faith, and leaving most unnourished.
For sometime I have heard, "Just let the old religious die, the church is re-righting itself," but this passive approach seems weak and cowardly.
Why can't we have a Latin Mass at least once a month, what is the fear? Do we continue to allow the dissenters the power to withhold such a Mass from the faithful who desire it, just because they want their way and have a "Progressive Theology?" I think the Pope has made this clear! That is not acceptable.
Some say "there isn't any priests left who can say that Mass." That statement isn't true, just an excuse. In our small town we have a priest who speaks Latin and I expect would love to say the Mass.
I hope and pray that we will have an option soon for a Latin Mass for all who could benefit from the Sacred and Holy Liturgy and feel nourished in its Tradition.


Joe said...

One aspect of Pope Benedict's initiative with regard to the Extraordinary Form is the idea of "mutual enrichment" that he expressed in the letter he wrote to accompany the motu proprio Summorum Pontificum. This idea says that both forms, the Ordinary and the Extraordinary, can learn something from each other in the way they are celebrated. A sense of the sacred and a faithfulness to rubrics is what the celebration of the Ordinary form can gain from encountering the Extraordinary form; whilst the Extraordinary form might gain new texts (eg for prefaces) and a greater sense of "participation".

For me, the most important part of the implementation of Summorum Pontificum is the enrichment of the celebration of the Ordinary form, rather than more and more celebrations of the Extraordinary form, for which in most parishes, there is little or no demand.

But, sadly, there is no sign that parish priests in my neck of the woods have any idea of this. The "absent presence" that your post describes is all too common.

timmy baugh said...

how can we go about making this happen here? petition? letter campaign? do you know if the preist of whom you speak would actually be willing, so we could include his willingness in our bid proposal, whatever form that proposal may take. Redding is small and has few Catholics per capita, and even fewer CATHOLIC Catholics, but faithful from all throughout the surrounding hill communities would certainly support only having to drive an hour and a half at most to come celebrate with us. a lot of folks are already driving to chico, imagine how many would attend if it was right here at home.

Deacon Pat said...

Parishioners just need to ask the priest to please give us a Latin Mass.

We now have 2 priests in the area that have the ability....