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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Can A Man (Or Woman) Actually Be "Above Reproach" in Today's Society?

The concept of living a life that is guided by strong values, ethics, honesty, and being honorable has long been the formula to a life of what many would consider being of a character that is "Above Reproach." 

Meaning that a life that has been, and is being lived out in such a way that one is not tarnished by the criticism of others. In fact, since the life is so honorable, that if someone did attempt to spread malice or gossip it would have no effect since the individual is so well respected and admired.

There are a few different men who come to mind when I think of a man of such Character that they would be considered "Above Reproach."

There have been Men for years that have been well respected, revered, and honored,  individuals with such Character that one would not even think to question their motives.

My question to you is, "Can a Man (or Woman) Actually Be "Above Reproach" in today's society?

Even if an individual lives a life with the up-most attention to the virtues, can he actually be immune to the evils of others? There is a pessimism in society that is so rampant, that the honorable are actually targeted relentlessly. 

Why is this? 

Is it because there are so many people in life who are living lives contrary to honor, dignity, and Godly Character?

I often think that the motivation for some to tarnish the reputation of others is self-fulfilling and self-directed in the sense that by lowering the honor and esteem of others, lessens the contrast and the difference between an "honorable person" and the "Sinful person."

Wouldn't it seem realistic to think that one would be inspired to turn away from sin, evil, and selfishness by the actions of a Holy and Pious person? 

But that is not the case so often. 

That means that the sinful person would have at least some  desire to change directions in their life. Yet they actually have no intention to live an honorable life at all. That would mean changing a life that is entirely self-centered and self-focused to something that doesn't look appealing to them at all. 

So what do they do? 

They direct their efforts, not upon themselves for improvement, but toward the honorable person and with force attempt to destroy them, they use all their evil energies to place doubt in the minds of others regarding the Character and Motives of the honorable person.

And why is this so effective? 

Because there are actually very few people who are honorable people in this world. If you are not an honorable person yourself, how does one actually recognize one, identify one, in fact, even believe there are honorable people out their in the world. It is as if the "Honorable Person" is so foreign to them, that they are incapable of identifying what is upon them when they do come in contact with such an individual.

I believe that we once lived in a world where most people were honest, hard working, charitable, God-fearing, forgiving, repenting, self-sacrificing, and respectful. But that is not the case anymore. We live in a world where Evil, Self-Desire, Self-Pleasure has overtaken most that live in it. And they continually work to justify their actions, their motives, and in doing so, are even sickened by the mere thought of "A Holy and Righteous Person."

But do not despair

This world is not the end all! Yes, we are here for a purpose, but what we know as Christians is very much different from what the self-serving individuals have not a clue of, heaven is not here on earth. There will be an eternity of happiness, joy, and pleasure beyond our capability of understanding in the world that is to come. 

Our goal in life here is not to do all within our ability and power to satisfy our own desires and needs. One might even say that it could be considered to be the opposite. We are called to serve others. Christ came into this world as an example and to show us the way. He stated that he came to serve, not to be served, and we are called to do the same.

Our world still has very many honorable, respectful, and righteous individuals. They are not as identifiable as they once were, because so many try to hide them, discredit them, slander them, and cast doubt upon them to hide their own darkness...... But we know the truth and it has set us free.

Christ is Risen, Alleluia, Alleluia! And we will rise again in Him and  through Him, and the Evils of darkness shall not prevail against us..... No matter what evil is throw at us, what trials come our way, what attacks we have to endure, He is our Shepherd, Our Comforter, Our Protector, Our Redeemer! 

I shall not fear, but rejoice! I belong to Him and I can see the light.....


1 comment:

Victor S E Moubarak said...

This is a great article full of truth.

I used to have a poster which read "You don't have to blow out someone else's candle for yours to shine."

There are good honorable people these days; good role models and true examples of Christianity. But they are a threat to the devil in case people emulate them. So he fights back by encouraging his followers to mock them, to slander them and to generally bring them down.

I've seen it often. If anyone famous; e.g. a celebrity, sportsman etc ... here in the UK is known to be a Christian he is often mocked on TV and portrayed as an object of fun.

May I take this opportunity Deacon Pat to thank you most sincerely for your kind comments in the review you wrote on Amazon about my book "Visions".

Thank you, and may God bless you and your family always.